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Wife Swapping in Sacramento

My wife Lisa and I have been swinging in Sacramento for years, but in the last few months our sex life has seriously improved- ever since we bought a computer and started finding partners on the Internet. Before we went online we'd found couples with similar interests through our local Sacramento adult newspaper - West Coast Swingers, but it was quite a challenge. We didn't have nearly as many choices. The computer age is fantastic.

Even still, we haven't gone seriously overboard with swinging, doing it about once every two or three weeks. It doesn't seem to be necessary to do it a lot, each experience fuels our own sex drive. I think swinging satisfies a basic human need for variety and it makes us normal, happier people.

Of course, the actual reasons we do it might just be excuses, but I can tell you that there is nothing better than fucking someone else's wife, even though I know her husband is doing the same to Lisa (and most of the time we do foursomes so I can see everything). Let me tell you about our last experience and maybe you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Our last date was with a very compatible couple named John and Karen from Carmichael. We were all about the same age, mid to late twenties. John was a little better looking than me and I couldn't help feeling a little jealous when I saw Lisa check him out. It was a look that let him know she wanted him. Karen was a blonde with small breasts and boyish hips who worked at Macys. I love women with slim builds. Just looking at her sent some extra blood to my cock. I knew it was going to be an interesting weekend. Lisa has a shapely body by comparison, with larger breasts and I could tell John approved because he couldn't stop staring at her chest.

We had invited them over to our house for a weekend pool party, but we actually didn't do much swimming. We did a lot of fucking, and it couldn't have been better. Even before things went triple xxx rated, the first afternoon we spent with John and Karen was a lot of fun. We barbecued some burgers from Raleys and we had some great conversations despite the sexual tension in the air.

Every time I looked at Lisa she was eyeing up John in a way that was impossible to misinterpret. It was obvious that she was attracted to him and he knew it. She took every opportunity to touch him and I even noticed a couple of times she had him so aroused his cock was clearly visible though his swimsuit. Karen wasn't nearly as forward, and it made me worry a bit in the beginning, but everything turned out.

Lisa was the first one to get things started and it kind of caught everyone by surprise. We were all just sitting around the pool and Lisa started whispering to John and pressing her cheek against his. Then suddenly she knelt in front of him, told Karen she had a gorgeous husband, and then yanked off his swim trunks. She started giving him the best blowjob right in front of us, like we weren't there and oblivious to the fact that our neighbors might see what was going on. Karen and I just stared at first, I think we were both a little stunned at Lisa's sudden forwardness.

It's always strangely erotic to see my innocent looking wife suck another man's cock. I can't help but have mixed feelings about it, but damn it's sexy. It wasn't long before my cock was so hard it hurt and I looked over to see Karen stretched out on one of our patio chairs. She had her hand down her swimsuit and was playing with her clit as she watched. I walked over to her chair and helped her take her swimsuit off and started to lick her pussy. I had just started when Lisa interrupted and said she wanted to have some time with John alone. She asked Karen if that would be all right with her and her response was kind of funny- my head was still buried between her legs and she sort of moaned with her eyes closed and a smile on her face, "Yes, take him. We'll be fine." I didn't miss a beat as I lapped at her beautiful little clit.

When Karen came she pushed my head away from her pussy and I was amazed how strong she was despite having a delicate figure. I had pegged her as being the innocent submissive type, but I was very wrong. She then promised me the blowjob of my life and we switched places. She wasn't kidding and when she brought me to the edge of having an orgasm she pulled away, looked into my eyes and told me to come in her mouth. She then engulfed my entire cock to the base and I gave her everything I had. Lisa doesn't swallow for me and this was a special treat.

After I came I placed one of our air mattresses for the pool on the ground and then slowly entered her tight pussy missionary style. I love savoring how every woman's pussy feels different, and I make sure to fuck a new lover in as many positions as I can. Karen was tight and she practically squeezed the come out of me.

After what seemed like an eternity of fucking in every position I could think of Lisa and John came out of the house just as I covered Karen's breasts with my seed. John had a particularly satisfied look on his face and Lisa's hair was a total mess. She looked exhausted, but she looked like she had fully enjoyed herself.

We had dinner after that and the weekend was just getting started. We got wilder and wilder as we became more comfortable with our new friends. John and I got the chance to fuck each of the girls at the same time. They both loved giving head while getting fucked from behind, and they even did a little lesbian stuff.

I thank God every day for Lisa. I'm very lucky. A lot of wives wouldn't consider swinging and I couldn't imagine life without our planned infidelities. I thought things were good before, but now that we're online the possibilities seem endless. Our weekend with John and Karen was the first time I'd seen Lisa lick another woman's pussy. Every time we swing things get a little better. I'm starting to get curious how far she'll go. I've been bugging her about trying double penetration for a while and I think she'll give in soon. Fucking her ass while her pussy's stuffed with a big cock will definitely be interesting. I might even write another letter if she does it.

Sexual Awakening at Sac City College

I've always had a fantasy about having sex with two guys at the same time, but it's not something I've felt I could share with anyone, especially my current boyfriend. His name is Steve and he's insanely jealous. I know he'd take it as a personal insult to his manhood if I ever told him I'd even thought about it.

People don't talk about their most perverted desires; I used to wonder if there was something wrong with me. I've always been shy and even a little naive. I had a sheltered, religious upbringing. My complete outlook on life changed though when I went to university and had the freedom of living on my own coupled with thought provoking courses. I'm a first year Arts student at Sacramento City College, and intro psychology and sociology are mandatory.

My Sac City professors are really cool and they don't shy away from topics about sex and sexuality. It was a lot to take in. I had no idea how mild my fantasies actually were until I saw statistics from Kinsey polls. It was quite shocking to find out how many women cheat on their husbands, and so many sex practices I thought were uncommon are actually very widespread - experimentation with lesbian, anal and group sex is normal! Fuck, I used to think giving a guy a blowjob was dirty.

We covered Sigmund Freud's views on sex, which was just insane. What a quack. I can't believe so many T.V. shows try to convince the general public that the majority of psychologists believe his theories. The truth is the opposite; almost no one is a Freudian these days, but in the Victorian era people were really fucked up about sex so his perverse ideas actually made sense. As crazy as it sounds though, a lot of it hit home for me. My family was so strictly religious I might as well have been born in the nineteenth century.

In Freudian terms, I wouldn't go so far as to say I have penis envy, but I have always been jealous of the double standard, so much that I've been sexually repressed. I think it's why I've been fascinated by the idea of a threesome with two guys. To me it's the ultimate sin, admitting my extreme sexual desires as a woman. All guys are very open about wanting to have sex with two women at the same time, why is it taboo for any woman to show an equivalent desire?

I didn't expect to have such a different outlook on life after only one semester away from home, but it's like a whole new world has been opened up to me. I still love my boyfriend, but I took my sexual awakening to the next level last week, and it's why I'm writing this letter. I joined an online dating service and made my ultimate fantasy come true with two guys I didn't know.

If someone had told me I would ever do something so incredibly whorish before I went to university I would have slapped them in the face. Now that I've done it I have a hard time convincing myself that I'm sane, but I don't regret it. I haven't told a soul and it was the most exciting thing I've ever done. I feel more alive now than I ever have.

Getting two guys to fuck me was a lot easier than I thought. It took me longer to fix my hair than it did to set a time and a place to meet up with two well-built construction workers from Teichert. I've always had a thing for men who do physical labor. It's the muscles and the way they glisten with sweat.

I made a few mistakes though. Meeting in person went so well I ended up grabbing the guys' cocks under the table while we were sitting in a restaurant. I was on such a sexual high it was like I was a different person. It was dangerous because someone might have seen what I was up to, but that was part of the experience. My biggest mistake was inviting the guys over to my apartment on Freeport because we didn't have enough money to get a motel room. It all turned out for the best, but I my heart was pounding when I snuck them in. I don't have a roommate (thank God). If I'd have been caught, everyone would have talked about me for years.

Inside my room I didn't take the role of a typical Sacramento submissive woman waiting for them to take charge, I practically ripped their clothes off. It was wild. I had two hard cocks at full attention and I alternated my mouth around each of them as fast as I could, just as I'd seen in a few porno movies. The guys were stunned, but very willing to go along with whatever I asked them to do.

The only thing I didn't do with them was anal sex. They offered to double penetrate me and it was tempting because I felt like wanted to do as much taboo stuff as I could that night, but I've never fantasized about getting anything shoved up my ass, especially something as big as a penis. I tried anal sex a couple times with Steve, but it just didn't work. I'm not into pain.

What I did do with my two Sacramento studs was fuck and suck them until they couldn't get hard anymore. It might have been a better experience if we didn't have to keep quiet to avoid getting caught, but I had so many orgasms I lost count and I swallowed so much come I think I got my calcium requirement for a week. When it was over I made sure the coast was clear so they could leave unnoticed and when they were gone my mind was reeling with the realization of what I had just done.

It's interesting playing around with your own mind and what pushes emotional reactions you can't control. I went through a lot of guilt because I'd cheated on Steve, but it was tempered with an adrenaline rush from a new sense of power. I get wet every time I think about that night, and when I'm with Steve I get goose bumps wondering if he can magically tell that I've been unfaithful. Of course he has no idea, I'm just a little paranoid.

What I have to decide now is what I'm going to do in the future. I don't think I'll break up with Steve. I might even marry him. I don't know if I'm going to cheat on him again, but time will tell. I'm actually very satisfied just knowing I have options.

First Threesome

Rebecca and I have been best friends forever since growing up in Rio Linda and we tell each other everything. We've each had our share of boyfriends and some wild nights, but neither one of us had ever tried having sex with two guys at the same time.

We'd talked about it a few times, but mostly while watching porno movies from Video Clearance Center or Goldies Adult Books. It wasn't anything we took seriously, but while we were surfing a dating site we came across a hot guy who offered to include a friend if anyone was interested.

We had a good laugh about it at first; Rebecca made a joke saying the guy might have better luck if he but the title of his profile to: "fag hag wanted, inquire within." It was funny, but we got into a little argument because I said he didn't have to be gay just because he wanted to threesome. Before we checked anything else about him I ended up betting her both guys were straight. It wasn't much of a bet, but we looked all through the info he gave just to see. It was fun. Unfortunately he didn't have anything else in his profile about his sexual preference.

We ended up emailing him and gave him my icq number (we were surfing the Net from my house). I forgot all about it for a few days, but when he messaged me I was alone we chatted for quite awhile. He was straight and he seemed like a great guy. Kinky for sure, but he was intelligent and very persuasive. I don't know why exactly, but I agreed to go out on a date with him and his friend the next weekend.

Before the big day I avoided telling Rebecca what I was about to do. I knew she'd bug me about it, but I also knew she'd want details and if the sex was great she'd be less critical.

I met the guys in a bar called Zinfandel Grill on Fair Oaks Blvd as planned and they were already there when I showed up. I'd only seen Brandon's picture and I knew he was hot, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out his friend Darren was just as good looking. They were really cool and they said they'd like to hang out together and see how everything goes. There was no pressure and we had a great time dancing and drinking. At the end of the night Brandon seemed nervous asking me if I'd like to join them at his house for a few drinks. We'd done a lot of grinding on the dance floor, but I hadn't made up my mind if I was going to go through with fucking them both.

For a moment I thought about leaving, but after talking with them for a few minutes I changed my mind. If I'd been completely sober I don't know if I would have had the courage, but I'd had a couple drinks and I was willing to set my inhibitions aside.

We caught a cab together and I teased the guys by sitting between them and placing my hands on their laps. The cabbie could barely stay on the road, he was watching what I was doing through the rear view mirror most of the time.

Darren's house was beautiful, not the type of place I'd expected a twenty two year old guy would own. We barely got through the door before I was all over them and we started things off with a group hug.

They helped me out of my shirt and then took turns licking my Sacramento nipples. There were hands and mouths everywhere, it was incredible. They stripped while feeling me up and getting me so excited I almost came before I took my panties off. I'm not sure exactly when it turned into an all out threesome, but when both guys pulled their cocks out at the same time and I got on my knees taking turns giving them head, there was no turning back.

Darren didn't like having to wait while I sucked Brandon's cock and he knelt behind me so he could lick my pussy while I continued to give Brandon head. I almost had an Sacramento orgasm all over Darren's face, but I was interrupted by the gross taste of Brandon's cum in my mouth. After I swallowed it all he thanked me and then he said he didn't want to miss out on tasting my pussy. To help him out Darren picked me up from behind and I placed my legs over Brandon's shoulders to give him better access to my clit. I had my first orgasm suspended in mid air while he licked me. It was very cool.

Darren fucked me first, right there in front of the doorway. We didn't make it to the bedroom. He was huge and it felt hot and very hard. He fucked me from behind while I sucked Brandon's already spent cock back to life. I think I was more attracted to Brandon than Darren. I really wanted his cock inside me, but for the time being getting it from Darren was very pleasurable.

I know I'm good at giving head, but just as I was about to come a second time Brandon filled my mouth with another load. It was a complete surprise. I never did get the chance to fuck him. He went totally limp. It was a good thing Darren was still up for the job. He repositioned himself by lying on the floor and I rode him until I had my second orgasm. It took a little bit of a build up though, but we came at about the same time.

After that I got dressed and phoned for a cab. I was still ready to keep going, but the guys were exhausted. Brandon suggested we should do it again sometime but I don't think I will. Having two men at once wasn't nearly as good as I thought. When I saw Rebecca the next day I had the pleasure of telling her the guys were straight, and that I was more woman than both of them could handle.

She didn't bug me about it as much as I expected, and she seemed a little embarrassed when I brought it up. I didn't understand why until a week later when she confessed she had contacted Brandon right after we'd found them on the dating site and fucked them both silly the day before I did. I have never laughed so hard in all my life. I'm amazed they managed to get it up at all for me.


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