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We were sorry to see Craigslist discontinue their Sacramento Adult Gigs and Sacramento Erotic Services ads, but check out the free ads on Many of the same people who advertised on Craigslist Adult Gigs advertise there.
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Earn $250.00 in One Hour!
Would you "entertain" me for one hour for $250.00? You must be a female between the ages of 18 and 25, who weighs less than 125 pounds (unless you are taller than average) You must be a non-smoker.

No pros. Safe play only.

Do You Need a Date for a Swingers Party?
Most Sacramento swingers clubs won't let single men in the front door. I'll be your date for the night for $200 cash. No sex included, but I'll tell the other women how good you are. I may decide to play with others there but that is my decision and not under your control. I'm a 45 year old brunette woman. You must include your phone number if you want a response.

Free Sacramento Nipple PiercingFree Tattoos or Piercing!
Get a free tattoo or piercing in the intimate location of your choice. You must be a female over 18. Show me what you want tattooed or pierced and I'll pay for it. You choose the tattoo parlor.

Let Me Pay Your Credit Card Payment!
Credit card bills never end. Let me give you cash to make the payment for you this month. Tell me what you can do for me in return. ( I don't want actual sex, but something close would be fun!) Females over 18 only please.
(916) 893-9038

I am looking for a part time to full time submissive. I am a self employed business woman that usually works from home. You will be expected to field calls for me, pleasure me, and do anything else I wish you to do. You may be role playing as a schoolgirl, secretary, or whatever else I desire, such as tieing your hands to a frame and flogging you.

Experience is not necessary, I will train you. I will settle for a part time sub, though I would prefer one that wants to serve me 24/7. Single is a plus, but I will accept you if you are married and desire a LTR with me.

Send me a picture of yourself, nude doesn't impress me, and information about yourself and what you expect out of this relationship. If I am pleased with what I see and read I will respond with a pic and will set up an in person interview with you.

Sorry, I am not accepting applications from men or T's.

Woman in search of another woman who has raging hormones and would like to have fun in bed.

I usually like women over 40, petite or average, femme, playful and casual.

I would love to give you a sensual body massage and make love with you. Please tell me what you like. I am female, over 40, 5'3", 138 and can play the femme or butch or whatever your heart desires.

Do You Need Cash? Get Cash Today!
Do you work all day and get a tiny paycheck at the end of the week? I'll pay you a full days wages for just one hour of your time. That's eight times your usual hourly wage in CASH today. You can use it to shop at the Mall or to pay your bills. There is no actual sex required, but you will be nude. You must be a female over 20 years old.

Generous Married White businessman seeking mildly submissive woman in Sacramento for mutually rewarding afternoon fun. Safe play only. Your limits respected and privacy guaranteed. I'm 42, 6', 195 lbs.

Give your man a threesome for his birthday or other special event. I'll come to your house and the two of us can pamper him on his special day. I'm female, 34, slender, attractive, but not flashy. I'm bi-sexual but whether we interact is up to you. For some reason the guys seem to enjoy watching. I do require a small travel fee for helping to plan his party.

Sacramento Dominatrix specializes in watersports. What more can I say except it will cost you to see the source of the fountain!

I like to Watch
Appreciative 43 year old white male voyeur enjoys watching exhibitionist couples have sex. I've done it for years now and it's alway exciting. It adds a new dimension to your lovemaking and offers a non-threatening way to introduce a third party into your bedroom. I remain fully clothed and there is no pressure or begging from me to join in. It's the ultimate in safe sex!

Cum to my private pleasure party! You've heard about the pleasure parties women have where they sit around and check out the dildoes like they were Tupperware. My parties are a little different. I'll show you how the toys are meant to be used. What the lickable lotion really tastes like. How many speeds the vibrator has. You'll have to buy a few things but an erotic private shopper doesn't come cheap.

MWM seeks slender, classy, very assertive, round-bottomed blonde or red head who wants to get in touch with Her dominant side. I'll help you do that! Are you 25 to 32 years old with an IQ in the top five percentile? Do you still believe there must be some meaning in life? If you fit the above description, contact me immediately; you'll be glad you did! If you don't exactly match my physical requirements; if you think I'm arrogant and expect way too much, feel free to show me that I'm wrong. Contact me today!

Divorced white Suburban Mom will play with married men and couples who can provide some financial incentives. I'm very selective and very careful but I need some help with the rent. I'm 29, brown hair, brown eyes, and 5' 4" in my stocking feet. 120 lbs. I'm interested in exploring my sexual fantasies.

Submissive Woman Wanted!
Do you like force? Not violent oppressing force but more like dominating. "I'm going to take you some place erotic where you never been before, don't worry... lay back and enjoy the ride" kind of force. You must be in the Sacramento area.

Do You Want an Audience?
I like to watch men masturbate. I could use a little extra cash this month. If you're interested, tell me specifically what you have to offer and include your phone number. I'm a 45 year old brunette woman.

Have you tried out your new digital camera on a nude model yet? I'll pose for you in complete privacy. No pictures of my face but everything else will show. $150.00 per hour - "action" photos cost more. I'm 31, blonde and you can see my picture in the Best Breasts Contest but I won't tell you which one is me! You'll have to pay to find out. You must leave a phone number so I can reach you to arrange the "shoot"

Leave a Hundred on the NightStand!
Women -- Do you ever wish you could say that to a guy. Most women are taught that's not polite or even a little slutty. The reality is -- there are decent guys like me who don't mind leaving a hundred dollar bill behind after an hour of mutual fun. You can use it to buy yourself a present from your favorite store or pamper yourself at the salon.

MWM, North Area suburbs, desires mature, buxom Goddess Type for afternoon delights and whatever else you have in mind. Hopefully, you are very happily married, but you sometimes need a secret admirer and companion, who can make you feel like a school girl again, and rub you the right way where you need it. I'm 45. We can talk by email or phone for a while, before we get together, if that makes you feel more secure. I'm waiting to meet you and I can't wait to greet you!

Female Orgasms Guaranteed!
I've discovered the secret to multiple female orgasms. Let me teach you. It even works with your clothes on - but it's more fun without them.

Premium Ads are $100.00 per month.
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Wife Swapping in Sacramento

My wife Lisa and I have been swinging here in Sacramento for years, but in the last few months our sex life has seriously improved- ever since we bought a computer and started finding partners on the Internet. Before we went online we'd found couples with similar interests through our local Sacramento adult newspaper, but it was quite a challenge. We didn't have nearly as many choices. The computer age is fantastic.

Even still, we haven't gone seriously overboard with swinging, doing it about once every two or three weeks. It doesn't seem to be necessary to do it a lot, each experience fuels our own sex drive. I think swinging satisfies a basic human need for variety and it makes us normal, happier people.

Of course, the actual reasons we do it might just be excuses, but I can tell you that there is nothing better than fucking someone else's wife, even though I know her husband is doing the same to Lisa (and most of the time we do foursomes so I can see everything). Let me tell you about our last experience and maybe you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Our last date was with a very compatible couple named John & Karen from Carmichael. We were all about the same age, mid to late twenties. John was a little better looking than me and I couldn't help feeling a little jealous when I saw Lisa check him out. It was a look that let him know she wanted him. Karen was a blonde with small breasts and boyish hips who worked at Macy's. I love women with slim builds. Just looking at her sent some extra blood to my cock. I knew it was going to be an interesting weekend. Lisa has a shapely body by comparison, with larger breasts and I could tell John approved because he couldn't stop staring at her chest.

We had invited them over to our house for a weekend pool party, but we actually didn't do much swimming. We did a lot of fucking, and it couldn't have been better. Even before things went triple xxx rated, the first afternoon we spent with John and Karen was a lot of fun. We barbecued some burgers from Raleys and we had some great conversations despite the sexual tension in the air.

Every time I looked at Lisa she was eyeing up John in a way that was impossible to misinterpret. It was obvious that she was attracted to him and he knew it. She took every opportunity to touch him and I even noticed a couple of times she had him so aroused his cock was clearly visible though his swimsuit. Karen wasn't nearly as forward, and it made me worry quite a bit in the beginning, but everything turned out.

Lisa was the first one to get things started and it kind of caught everyone by surprise. We were all just sitting around the pool and Lisa started whispering to John and pressing her cheek against his. Then suddenly she knelt in front of him, told Karen she had a gorgeous husband, and then yanked off his swim trunks. She started giving him head right in front of us, like we weren't there and oblivious to the fact that our neighbors might see what was going on. Karen and I just stared at first, I think we were both a little stunned at Lisa's sudden forwardness.

It's always strangely erotic to see my innocent looking wife suck another man's cock. I can't help but have mixed feelings about it, but damn it's sexy. It wasn't long before my cock was so hard it hurt and I looked over to see Karen stretched out on one of our patio chairs. She had her hand down her swimsuit and was playing with her clit as she watched. I walked over to her chair and helped her take her swimsuit off and started to lick her pussy. I had just started when Lisa interrupted and said she wanted to have some time with John alone. She asked Karen if that would be all right with her and her response was kind of funny- my head was still buried between her legs and she sort of moaned with her eyes closed and a smile on her face, "Yes, take him. We'll be fine." I didn't miss a beat as I lapped at her beautiful little clit.

When Karen came she pushed my head away from her pussy and I was amazed how strong she was despite having a delicate figure. I had pegged her as being the innocent submissive type, but I was very wrong. She then promised me the blowjob of my life and we switched places. She wasn't kidding and when she brought me to the edge of having an orgasm she pulled away, looked into my eyes and told me to come in her mouth. She then engulfed my entire cock to the base and I gave her everything I had. Lisa doesn't swallow for me and this was a special treat.

After I came I placed one of our air mattresses for the pool on the ground and then slowly entered her tight pussy missionary style. I love savoring how every woman's pussy feels different, and I make sure to fuck a new lover in as many positions as I can. Karen was tight and she practically squeezed the come out of me.

After what seemed like an eternity of fucking in every position I could think of Lisa and John came out of the house just as I covered Karen's breasts with my seed. John had a particularly satisfied look on his face and Lisa's hair was a total mess. She looked exhausted, but she looked like she had fully enjoyed herself.

We had dinner after that and the weekend was just getting started. We got wilder and wilder as we became more comfortable with our new friends. John and I got the chance to fuck each of the girls at the same time. They both loved giving head while getting fucked from behind, and they even did a little lesbian stuff.

I thank God every day for Lisa. I'm very lucky. A lot of wives wouldn't consider swinging and I couldn't imagine life without our planned infidelities. I thought things were good before, but now that we're online the possibilities seem endless. Our weekend with John and Karen was the first time I'd seen Lisa lick another woman's pussy. Every time we swing things get a little better. I'm starting to get curious how far she'll go. I've been bugging her about trying double penetration for a while and I think she'll give in soon. Fucking her ass while her pussy's stuffed with a big cock will definitely be interesting. I might even write another letter if she does it.

Submissive Role Playing Adventures

When I was in Sacramento High School I was the girl that everyone talked about because I was always pushing the envelope when it came to boys and sex. I was the first girl to be kissed by a boy, the first to lose my virginity of all my friends, the first to try anal sex, and now that I'm in my early twenties I had thought I'd tried everything.

That was before I met Trent. We met online last month (I was the first of my friends to try that too) and I never thought sex could feel so new and exciting. I met him for a one-night stand, but he was so good it blossomed into a very hot affair. He's married (all the good ones are) and he didn't tell me until our third date. I was a little upset, but not so upset that I'd stop seeing him. In fact, finding out made our encounters slightly hotter, just because it makes sex with him a little more forbidden.

He introduced me to role-playing, something I had never tried before and I didn't think it would turn me on. I originally played along just because he begged me to- but after having one of the best orgasms of my life pretending to be a nude cheerleader I've been on board for even the kinkiest sex scenarios (I'm proud to say my old uniform from high school still fits). I've portrayed quite a few different characters for him now and I'm only sure of only one thing- it's fun to pretend to be someone else in a sexual context. I don't know what I like better, taking control as a fiery dominatrix, or assuming a submissive role as his sex slave. Trent never seems to run out of ideas.

We've even done some public stuff that most people would find quite shocking. This one time, we pretended we didn't know one another in a new Safeway Supermarket on Sirerra College Blvd and he felt my ass up in front of a couple of Orangevale housewives in the middle of an aisle. He did it casually and walked away without looking back as I cursed at him. The look on the women's faces was priceless. I wish I had a camera. My pussy was so wet I couldn't wait to get him home and fucked him in his car in the parking lot as soon as I got out of the store.

The stuff we've tried in public is never as much fun as the shows we put on in private though. This other time he pretended he was a Wells Fargo bank robber on the lamb. He even put a ski mask on for effect. I told him I wouldn't turn him in if he proved he could please me. I like games that give me an excuse to make him do what I want. It makes me feel devious and impulsive. He really loved it and with his face covered up I was able to imagine he was anyone I wanted him to be.

It's only been a month and already I've been a cheerleader, a hooker (a dominatrix hooker but who's counting), a maid, his babysitter, and most recently- a ski bunny with a pretend broken leg from Squaw Valley. I know, they keep getting weirder, but I like it. Being the ski bunny was the best one yet because I made him do all the work. I didn't have any other choice- otherwise my leg wouldn't set properly now would it?

I don't know if I'll still be going out with him when Halloween rolls around, but I can't wait. We've already talked about it but we haven't come to any conclusions yet. When I told him I'd like to dress up as a wealthy gentleman he told me he'd like to pretend to be a drag queen and fuck me up the ass. It's an interesting thought but I think I like the idea of being Princess Leia from Star Wars better- the force is with her. But then, I already have a leather skirt that would go well with a Xena costume! Come to think of it, who cares about waiting for Halloween.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving in Gold River

I've always loved reading these stories and I thought I'd share one of my own. It all started with an invite to a classy party with a girlfriend I'd been dating on and off for a couple years, but a week before the engagement we got into a huge fight and broke up. It was ugly and we both said some things I'm sure we regretted. One of the things she said was that I could never get a date if I tried.

With only a week before the party, I didn't have much time to show her up. I usually don't have trouble getting a date, I'm a good looking guy and I have an outgoing personality, but I don't have a black book full of women I thought would impress anyone at a party like the one Mary and I were invited to. Let's just say the average woman I go out with has $10,000 worth of tattoos. The only exception was Mary and we're sort of opposites. I guess it's why we've been dating only on and off for the last couple years.

I turned to the Internet in desperation and hit up as many babes as I could with my problem. I'd met a few women over icq in the past, and it's actually how I found Mary, but this time I needed a date fast so I joined an online dating service. The responses I got were incredible. I can't believe I hadn't tried something similar sooner. I ended up choosing Jackie, a hot blonde with a shapely body and an extreme desire to go to a party full of successful business people from Gold River.

I wasn't about to take a woman I'd never met before to this party. Despite wanting to forget the whole thing, a lot of people I do business with would be there and I didn't want to be embarrassed. I met Jackie for coffee at Piattis in the Pavillions and she turned out to be very genuine and actually more woman than I'm used to. She had class, and yet she was so horny I had to take her back to my place in Campus Commons and fuck her brains in. We just connected, on many levels.

She was great and I was pleasantly surprised to find out she had pierced nipples. On the outside she looked like a debutante, but she was exactly the type of woman I knew would drive Mary crazy. Actually I had such a great time with Jackie on our first date I forgot all about Mary. Jackie was much better in bed and I could tell things would only get better. I just didn't know how much better.

At the party Jackie put on a real show. She wore a sleek red dress from Talbots and she was by far the best looking woman there. She was super friendly, intelligent, and really the life of the party. All the guys were looking at her and Mary was so jealous she left early in a snit. It was perfect. I think I made more business contacts that night than I've ever made before. It was unreal. People kept coming up to us and introducing themselves. I've never had that happen before. Usually I have to work to get in front of people.

Anyway, that's not the best part. The best part was being pulled away by Jackie for a 'private moment' in an empty room in the house at the party. I had no idea what she was up to, but as soon as we were alone she was all over me and ripping my clothes off. She said doing it in a dangerous place like that turned her on and she had to have me right there.

It was crazy since everyone was only in the next room, but she was so hot I couldn't say no, especially with her warm mouth around my cock. I've never been into having sex in dangerous situations, but I am now. Jackie and I got right into it on a desk in the room she had chosen for our 'private moment' and I had one of the best sexual experiences of my life.

What started with her sucking my cock blossomed into a full 69 and then I bent her over the desk and fucked her like crazy. Her box was incredibly tight and hot. Hotter than any pussy I've ever put my dick into, and I've fucked a lot of wild women.

I think I actually fell in love with her that night. She is everything I wanted in a woman. After our fuck she wiped some com from the corner of her mouth (she had swallowed a huge load) and in under a minute she was back to normal, like nothing had happened. There's an old expression that fits her personality perfectly. She's a lady in the living room and a slut in my bedÉ. Actually she's a slut everywhere for me and no one can figure out how I managed to land such a babe.

I haven't had any interest in anyone else since I started dating Jackie, although Mary came running to me after her latest boyfriend dumped her. She actually thought I'd be there for her whenever she wanted. I'm so lucky I got out of that relationship, and telling her where to go was priceless.

Jackie and I are getting married in a few months and we've become partners in life and in business. I'm a very lucky man.

We Started Our Affair at Paragary's

I've been with my current boyfriend a long some time, and we've always enjoyed very good (and frequent) sex, but lately we've reached a stage where we seem to be doing the same things each time. I still have satisfying orgasms, but it's just routine. I know I always get that special excitement with a new lover, but I don't want to break up with Ted and I'm not sure if I want to be with him forever. I know it sounds really bad, but I decided to cheat on him using the Internet.

The way I see it, all the old rules of sex and relationships can be thrown away. The rulebook was created when having an affair meant you'd be caught. With the Net, I can fuck a guy I've never met before and will never meet again. It really is possible now to cheat and not get caught. A girl can have a little fun.

I set up a date with a cute guy using an online dating service. I didn't tell a soul and I was very careful to keep my real name out of my profile, or anything else that would give my identity away. I met him at Paragary's during the day while my boyfriend was at work, and he said his name was Jason, although I don't know whether it was his real name. I didn't really care, I didn't use my real name. Jason was exciting. Body wise he was similar to my boyfriend, but in personality he was completely different. He was extremely funny and outgoing. I knew I was going to go through with fucking him after only talking to him for a few minutes. He was passing through our city on vacation, touring the west coast. He had no direction, and my ambitious boyfriend would consider him a total bum. He was charming and sexy in a completely different way.

I brought him back to my apartment in midtown even though I knew it would be a little risky, but it was closer and I couldn't wait to find out how big his cock was. We had a couple of drinks and talked about our past relationships before things got serious, but it was all a build up. Everything we talked about revolved around sex and I was so hot by the time we embraced I could barely control myself.

As we spoke he kept eying my body, especially my tits. When we embraced and kissed for the first time his hand moved up my leg and found no resistance. When he brushed up against my clit through the fabric of my jeans I spread my legs as wide as I could and moaned. I didn't want to give him any mixed signals. He had a green light and I wanted him to know it. He didn't miss a beat and began to gently massage my clit while kissing my neck and it gave me goose bumps all over. I had my first small orgasm almost right away and he started moving his hands all over my body, stopping to caress my nipples through the fabric of my blouse and bra.

He spent a long time licking my nipples and it was very satisfying. I can't get over how every guy has a different tongue. When he worked it over my clit I thought I might pass out. Jason was a lot better at oral sex than my boyfriend. He drove me so crazy that when he stood up I had trouble removing his belt- my hands were shaking. I pulled his cock out as fast as possible so he could fuck me. He had different plans though, and held me by the hair while rubbing the head of his penis against my cheek trying to guide it into my mouth.

I don't usually give head, but the way he made it seem so normal I couldn't say no. I parted my lips and he guided it all the way inside my mouth. After a couple of strokes he came without any warning, and before I could pull away he shot a good percentage of it down my throat. I've tasted come before, but this time it wasn't too bad. It was just warm and slightly bitter. He apologized as I made a funny face, but I told him it was okay as long as he stayed hard enough to fuck me.

For a guy that came so early he fucked me forever before coming a second time. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it was wonderful. Many times with my boyfriend I feel like I'm being fucked by a freight train, his cock is big and he hammers me with long hard strokes, but having sex with Jason wasn't like that. We did it in all kinds of positions and for a long time, but it was loving and gentle. I was still in a submissive role, but I enjoyed it more.

When he left I didn't have the energy to see him out the door. I just fell asleep on my couch and told him to lock up on the way out. He kissed me good-bye and thanked me for the lovely time. I woke up to a phone call from my boyfriend offering to take me out for dinner, and I had just enough time to shower and get ready. The funny thing is I found enough energy that night to have sex with him that night and I liked it better. I kept wondering if he would be able to tell that my pussy had been fucked raw just hours before, but he didn't seem to notice. The worry had my heart racing and I can't describe how much of a difference it made. It was one of the best sexual experiences of my life. It will keep me faithful for some time, maybe even forever, I don't know, but now I know what I have to do to break a routine.

Arden Way Rendezvous

I've only cheated on my wife once. It happened in a hotel room at the Red Lion Sacramento Inn next to the Arden Fair Mall with a blonde who told me her name was Ariel, and I can't say how many times I've whacked off remembering the afternoon I spent with her. My mind does not let me forget the sight of her pretty little figure down on her knees begging me to fuck her as hard as I could.

She was blonde, about average height with slender hips and a flat tummy. I think her breasts were C cups, but I'm not entirely sure, they could have been B's. Anyway, it was a nice package. Her body was more than enough to fall in love with, but on top of that she had a sweet face with smoky gray eyes and full lips.

I'm 27, I've been married for 5 years and that afternoon I broke every marriage vow possible with Ariel. She loved every minute of it and it was the wildest sex I've ever had. I haven't told a soul about my indiscretion and it's starting to bother me. I don't know where else to go, but an anonymous email sounds harmless, and possibly a way to get me to stop thinking about it.

Everything started when I found out a couple of my coworkers were using the Internet to screw around on their wives. I work in the construction business and we talk about everything at lunch. The guys that did it said it was just too easy. I thought they were lying at first, but I thought I'd check it out to see for myself.

Ariel was the first girl I made contact with at an online dating service. She was 22, also married, and looking for someone to meet with her for a Sunday afternoon. My wife was going to have one of her girlfriend's over on Saturday and we don't get along so it was a good weekend to disappear. It's just one of those things that worked out. I knew my wife wouldn't get suspicious no matter what excuse I gave her.

I couldn't believe I had scored so fast, and with a woman that was incredibly hot. I have never felt so excited about anything. We chatted for a bit on the net, but our conversation was cut short when her husband came home. Her last message told me to meet her in the lobby of a large hotel downtown at 2 p.m. Sunday.

I had two days to think it over, and the more I thought about it the more the idea turned me on. I'm amazed I managed to not tell anyone what I was going through. When we met she was wearing a skin tight mini dress that I couldn't take my eyes off of. We didn't stay in the lounge very long. I got a room and I had my hands all over her in the elevator. She wasn't wearing any panties and I felt her hot box for the first time. She had neatly trimmed the hair around her mound and it felt soft and inviting.

In the room she pulled off her short little dress while almost running to the bed. I was standing in the door just looking at her in awe. I felt like I was in a porno movie. This gorgeous creature was completely naked on her knees begging me to fuck her. It was the pose that I will never forget.

She didn't let me do it right away though. When I walked up to the bed she started giving me head while I was standing up. She sucked my cock a lot different than my wife does. Even with my eyes closed there was no comparison. I almost came in her mouth, but she suddenly rolled an (extra large) Trojan condom over my cock and pulled me on top of her before I had the chance.

I lasted four seconds in her pussy. She was just too hot and tight and I was so close that I exploded inside her. It was a good thing she had put a condom on me because I pulled out and she grabbed my hair and shoved my head between her legs. I spent some time on her clit and in the time it took to give her an orgasm my cock was throbbing for another chance in her pussy.

The second time I lasted forever, but before we could get going she said she had a special surprise for me and left the room. I couldn't believe she disappeared so fast. I was just lying there on the bed with my hard cock in my hand. Fortunately she came back fairly quickly and returned with a special gift- a massage table.

I remembered she hadn't told me what she did for a living. It turned out she was a full massage therapist! She tried to give me a massage as a favor but I just couldn't relax enough with her so close to me. Instead of letting her finish giving me a massage, I offered to do her. She said it was a sweet gesture and she accepted, but I think she was just putting me on. She still wanted me just as much as I wanted her.

I tried to do my best to work the muscles around her shoulders and back, but my intentions were less than honorable. Most of the massage I gave her focused on her ass, and when I had her relaxed enough to let me spread her butt cheeks I bent down and licked her asshole. She let out a low moan and then we were at it again. I licked her until she came, but then I fucked her doggie style, bending her over the table she had brought.

I don't know how else to say it; it was the most ball draining experience of my life. We were so into each other after the massage we forgot about using a condom. Her pussy consumed me. I felt like I produced a gallon of come, letting a few spurts go inside her and then pulling out halfway through, coving her ass with my spunk. We showered together after that and even ended up doing it all over again on the bathroom floor. I can't believe I managed to get it up a third time, but I did.

When she left she thanked me for a wonderful time and said she hadn't felt so wonderful in months. I haven't seen her since, and I haven't checked my email to find out if she wants to do it again. I'm too scared I'll end up leaving my wife. Fucking Ariel was the best sexual experience I've ever had, but I felt horrible when I got home because I had cheated.

It's been a few months. I've thought about Ariel almost every time I've had sex with my wife and I even bought a massage table to try to repeat the experience, but nothing compares to that day in the hotel room. I don't know what I'm going to do, I thought writing this letter would help, but to be honest all I can think about right now is going online and finding out if Ariel has tried to contact me.

A Better Vacation

I'm an average guy. I've had some success with women but I've also had many failures. The most embarrassing experience I've ever had was on a vacation with two of my friends in Ensenada Mexico. Actually it was a series of embarrassing experiences, getting shot down again and again, even by ugly women. Both my friends are a little better than me at the bar scene and it was hard to get noticed, I was the only one not to get laid the whole week we were in Acapulco and I still get bugged about it, even though it's been over a year.

When I was able to take some time off recently I left my buddies behind. I'd just finished a very difficult project in North Highlands at the old Air Force base and I knew that as soon as I got back I'd have another one to look forward too. I needed to relax and more than anything, I needed to get laid.

I wasn't about to go though a repeat of my previous vacation so I did a little extra preparation and it totally paid off. Before I booked a flight I joined an online dating service with the intention of finding a woman willing to spread her legs for me- I didn't care where she would be, I'd fly to her and get my rocks off. As it turned out I was unprepared for how many women are online looking to get laid. I wouldn't have believed it. I made a date with a married woman in my city that night and had sex with her in a motel room. It was like my whole world was turned upside down. I considered staying home and fucking a different woman every night, but instead I decided it would be a lot better to go to Florida, fuck as many sluts as I could while the sun was down and relax on the beach during the day. I know how to vacation!

I booked a flight to Miami from Sacramento and I had the time of my life because I prearranged a different date for every day of the week using the dating service. I only left one day out of my schedule to relax and I ended up banging two babes that day. It wasn't a threesome (although this is an idea for next time), I did one in the afternoon and the other one in the evening. They were sluts that I'd fucked the previous couple of nights and I couldn't say no. It's a personality flaw I have.

I've never had so much sex in all my life. I fucked five women that week. I only struck out twice out of the seven, and they were all hot. I think my total favorite was this blonde that seemed innocent at first, but turned out to be totally insatiable. She was one of the babes that I fucked more than once. Actually I did her half a dozen times if you count by hours. She warned me she was loud before we did anything and I found out what the limits are for noise in the hotel I was staying at. It was pretty funny- the security guard was banging away at the door and we kept right on fucking, yelling through the door that we'd try to keep it down.

She was 19 and everything I've always wanted in a girlfriend. She doesn't actually live very far from me (only about a three hour drive). It was a coincidence that we were on vacation in Florida at the same time. I now have a standing invitation to go and see her anytime, but since I got back I haven't had much time to do anything. I don't think I deserve to date a babe of her caliber but I'm not about to tell her I think she's crazy. I'm definitely going to do everything I can to see her this week, and maybe even introduce her to my friends for bragging rights. I know when my buddies see her they're going to be incredibly jealous. I'd really like to show them up for a change.

Sex in the California State Capital

My name is Helen and I'm a very outgoing when it comes to sex. I have a very demanding job at the State Capital and don't have much time to meet guys. I have a lot of different preferences when it comes to men; it depends on the way I feel. Sometimes I want a romantic encounter and the closeness of being with someone, and other times I want to fuck a guy and never know his name.

Most of the men I work with (and spend most of my time with) are very sexy, but I've been down that road and I don't want to ever fuck someone I work with again. It's hard to keep things on a professional level after spending a few nights 'working late'. All guys have conquest issues; I don't care what anyone says. I actually left a company because I had sex with half a dozen guys in the building over a two year period, and I swear they all must have been taking notes and sharing them. After I let one guy come on my face, the next three I slept with wanted the same thing way too early in the relationship to be normal.

It took a new years resolution to set me straight, but it also required a plan. I started asking every woman I knew how they found their husband/boyfriends and it's amazing how many people have hooked up through the Internet these days. I asked so many questions I think a lot of women thought I was after their man and digging for clues, but it was worth it.

I considered doing many different things, but joining an online dating service seemed like the best way to go. I originally signed up on one at my computer at work and was a little scared people would see what I was doing, so I ended up putting my search off until I bought a computer for my apartment. It took a few days, and I wasn't checking to see if anyone was interested in me. When I finally logged on at home I was amazed to find out I had over a dozen guys trying to contact me. It was too easy I had a date that night- with a gorgeous guy who happened to have a huge cock. He wasn't very bright, but he sure could fuck. He was the type of guy I didn't want to know anything about. It was just a one-night stand, but it was an awesome night.

I'm now very comfortable with meeting people online and I do it all the time. So far the best guy I've met is Randy. He lives in a quiet town called Auburn about an hour's drive from my place were he works as a fireman. He lives far enough away to be discrete, but not so far that it's inconvenient.

When we first met online we chatted for a while in a private room and described what we would like to do to each other. It was clear he had a healthy sexual appetite but wasn't into anything too freaky- exactly my type.

I was a little disappointed to find out he was married, but it wasn't enough to stop me from seeing him. Randy has an amazing body and I was very curious if he's used a picture of his own cock in one of our online exchanges. Our first time together I didn't waste anytime pulling it out and examining it up close. I'm still not sure if he used his own cock for the picture, but it was beautiful. I sucked him off and then we fucked for an hour. He was wonderful and a very thoughtful lover, making sure I got as much pleasure out of it as he did. It was so good he had me begging him to do me whenever he could get away from his wife.

I don't know how long I'll let Randy string me along, (I'm not stupid enough to think we have anything special) but for now it's a lot of fun. When I get tired of him I'll just move on to the next guy I meet online. It's not hard, and my life is a lot less complicated.

Folsom Fucker Gets Lucky

I've always been a very outgoing person, so it was a bit odd to be first one in my group of friends to try an online dating service. I'm not looking for a husband or a sweet boyfriend to hold me, and I don't have trouble finding men, but I thought I'd try something new. Everything turned out awesome and I had such a great time I have to tell as many people as I can about it. My best friend was very shocked when I told her I had done, but after she heard the story of my first encounter she went online as well.

I just came out of a serious relationship so I guess a lot of people would say my online search was rebound thing. Maybe it was, I don't know, but what I do know is that right now in my life I want to fuck as many guys as I can, and I've already noticed I can find better quality dates on the Net. It's easy to use and I don't have to worry about getting into another relationship because I don't even have to tell anyone my real name.

The first guy I met through an online dating service was 24 and he was rich and gorgeous. He picked me up in a Porche and we went for a long drive that ended at his place in Folsom. I've never driven in a car that fast before and it was a thrill. We didn't really have a plan for where we were going or anything, but I started things off by running my hand up the inside of his thigh while he drove and he took the hint.

We ripped each other's clothes off inside his house and to tease him I did a strip show on his couch, playing with my pussy and telling him he couldn't come near me until I told him he could. He watched intently as I fingered my pussy and I noticed a large bulge appear in his crotch. He wasn't silent though the show though, he asked me to do things and it was very erotic. He seemed particularly interested in getting me to lick my fingers after playing with my clit. When I finally told him he could touch me he pounced and I was very close to my first orgasm.

It was exhilarating. The first thing I did was push his head between my legs and he lapped my clit with his tongue only a few times before I exploded all over her face. The heat from his mouth was incredible, and it was mixed with a slightly cool breeze from his heavy breathing. I came with such a rush it was a good thing I lying on my back, otherwise I probably would have collapsed.

Once I was taken care of all hell broke loose. He got naked and we fucked like we were the last two people on earth. He kept me on the edge of my second orgasm for almost an eternity and it was driving me crazy, then he increased the tempo when he was close. His timing was perfect. We came together and it was a wonderful sensation.

I hung around his place in Folsom the whole day, we watched some movies and he made dinner for me. It was very comfortable to be around him, and it was obvious he knew I wasn't interested in him seriously. We ended up doing it all over again, only instead of on the couch we made it to his bedroom. He was such a good lover it was like we could read each other's mind.

The second time he was very slow and methodical, it was very romantic. At times I tried increasing the temp by gyrating my hips, but he was one step ahead of me with every movement and prolonging my orgasm made it a lot better.

The next morning he dropped me off in Sacramento where we started our date. I think I'm going to get him to fuck me again, but already I've made so many dates online I've kind of got a full schedule for the next couple of weeks. We'll see how things turn out. I hope your readers enjoyed my story. I know I enjoyed living it.

I Struck Out at Biba's Restaurant

I had a hard time getting back into the dating scene after I broke up with a girl I'd been going out with for two years. After a few weeks of rubbing my dick raw from being horny all the time I stumbled across a dating service on the Internet while surfing for porn. I never thought I'd ever join one, but I figured I didn't have anything to lose.

It was a little hard at first to pick a proper name that would get me some attention, but once I was in the system I started messaging a bunch of babes to see if I'd get a response. It took three days, but I had a date for the following weekend with a beautiful girl named Julie.

We met at a Biba's restaurant that was close to her place in Sacramento and hit it off immediately. Julie's nice round ass and perky tits made me forget my ex-girlfriend the moment I saw her.

We had a lot to drink at dinner and I might of said a few things I shouldn't have. I'm not very good with women. I thought everything was going great for most of the date, but when I escorted her back to her place she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said goodnight. I stuck out big time. She wouldn't even French me.

I almost gave up on the whole Internet dating thing after that experience, but I told myself I'd give it another try. This time I made it very clear to any woman online that I wanted to fuck, and on a one-night stand only basis.

It took a little longer to get a positive response (about a week) but it worked. This total slut of a housewife invited me over to her place in Carmichael while her husband was at work for Albertson's Supermarket. She was a little old for me, I'm 19 and she was 40, but she had an okay figure. I've never fucked a woman who was more than twice my age, but it was good, even though her pussy was kind of loose. Sex with her was sort of like being pounced on. She was all over me and extremely kinky. I learned a lot, I never knew I liked having a finger shoved up my ass while coming in a woman's mouth.

I regretted being so adamant about the one-night stand thing. I would have liked to fuck her again, but she kept going on about how she only got off on someone new and it didn't seem like she wanted a repeat performance.

My success gave me the confidence to go after a few extremely hot babes online that I'd originally passed over because I didn't think I'd have a chance. I think everything new we try in life has a learning curve. I still wasn't great with women, I got shot down a lot, but I went on so many dates I got lucky a few times. Internet dating is all about volume.

Things were going good for about two months. I'd gotten over my ex-girlfriend and my social calendar had never been so full. Don't ask me why things work out the way they do, but Julie phoned me up for another date. I almost didn't go out with her again, but she apologized for not calling sooner and said she'd been thinking about me a lot.

Julie and I had a much better time on our second date, and all the practice I'd had with other women helped me avoid saying anything stupid. This time I stayed away from alcohol and she invited me over for the night. I found out what wild sex really is. I'm totally in love with her. We did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. It's tough to describe the differences, but her pussy is the hottest thing I've ever put my cock into, and the way she gives head is totally unbelievable. It's like she knows exactly what I want without saying a word.

We've been going out now for two months and my life has never been better. I think I'm going to ask her to marry me, but I'm worried it might be too soon. If I'd know the Internet would have led me to a girl like Julie I'd have gone online years ago. I feel like I want to tell the world how good it is.

Here's a bit of advice for anyone who wants to take it: fuck the bars, fuck church, fuck meeting people through your friends, if you want to find the girl of your dreams, go online. If it worked for me, it can work for anyone.

Nude College Contest

I've been in Sacramento State University for three years and I live in a coed dorm. It's not totally coed, the building is split in two with guys on one side, girls on the other, but no one cares where anyone sleeps. I don't know how to say this without sounding conceited, but my friends and I are the best looking girls on campus and we have a lot of influence with the student body. Basically we rule. We're beautiful, active young women with high grades and we know what we're doing and who we want to do it with. I've made friends for life here. It's cheaper to get an apartment off campus but the lifestyle in a dorm makes the extra money worth it.

There are a few downsides. It's tough being the center of attention all the time. Sometimes I feel like my personal life is under a microscope. All I really want to do is keep my current boyfriend and fuck different guys whenever I want, but when I first came to university all I had to do was look at someone other than my boyfriend and I'd hear some gossip about it the next day. You know that joke about gossip being faster than the speed of light? It's funny because it's true.

Dating through the Internet turned my social life upside down, actually it changed the way all my girlfriends meet guys. The stories I could tell would shock anyone. I was the first one of our group to start using Internet dating sites but now all my friends do it, mostly for one-night stands. I just wish I'd thought about it in my first year.

We did a lot of fucking around in our second year, but this semester has been unbelievable. Things have started to get out of hand, but I don't really care. Just recently we had a little contest going to see who could get laid the most in a one-week period. The winner got the right to make a play for any of our normal boyfriends. The stakes were high. Some of the steady boyfriends my friends have are really hot and mine is no exception. We've been going out since high school and he has no idea what I've been up to.

I came in third and I still fucked five guys. I thought I put my number over the top when I did a threesome on the last day, but two other girls did three guys in an orgy. I don't think that should count since they fucked the same three guys, but either way I would have lost. We called it a tie for first place and I just hope they don't go after my boyfriend. They've been discussing offering a threesome though so I don't think any guy will be able to resist.

I don't think I've ever wanted to share a guy with another woman, but a threesome with two men was something I've always wanted to try. Until this year I never thought I'd ever be able to make it happen though without the entire world talking about me for years. It's amazing how fast things can change. When I set up the date I wasn't worried about my reputation at all. Well, I was a little worried about telling my girlfriends, but I wasn't the first to admit I'd been cheating on my boyfriend so I don't think they'll tell anyone.

Having two guys at once was the most erotic experience of my life. The two I chose were gorgeous and they were willing to do anything I asked them to, and just as willing to not do anything I wasn't comfortable with. Normally I can out fuck any guy, but with two I had more than enough cock to satisfy me. Even though I lost the contest I was very glad I gave it my best shot.

I don't know if I'm going to be setting up any more threesomes, but I'm sure I will never stop meeting guys on the Net for sex. I know everyone says they want to find Mr. Right and fall in love and have a bunch of babies, but not me. Even if I get married I'm not going to give up having sex with anonymous men whenever I want. It's just too much fun.

Keeping It Casual

I'm 23 and I've been using the Net for over two years now to meet guys. It's a lot better than the bar scene, and it's very convenient. I just sit at my computer and surf profiles until I find someone I like. Usually it doesn't take much longer than an hour. I haven't found anyone for a long-term relationship yet, but I haven't been looking. Most of the time I go out on dates because I need to unwind. Sex is the best stress reliever. I'm a graduate student in Political Science at Sac State and it's not easy. Sometimes I just have to get laid, there's no way to get around it.

My classes typically have a lot of guys, but I won't go out with anyone in my faculty. When I was an undergraduate it was a different story, but as a graduate student the class sizes are smaller and there's a lot of gossip. I'd imagine it's like living in a small town. Everybody knows everyone else's business, including the professors, and when you're doing a thesis, reputation is everything.

Dating through the Internet has been a lifesaver. I don't have to worry about how many guys I go out with or wonder what people say about me. If I want to have a one-night stand, I just do it. It's great.

Last night I had a wonderful time with a guy I'd only spent half an hour talking to online. His name was Danny and we had a mutual understanding from the moment we said hello in a chat room. I had such a good feeling about him we skipped the usual formalities and met for coffee not far from where I live. The first face-to-face introduction is usually awkward, but this time it was pure pleasure. Danny was gorgeous (as I suspected) and we were both so horny we got our coffees to go and went back to his place after only a little small talk.

When we got to his condo in College Greens off Folsom Blvd he lit some incense and we curled up on a couch in front of his TV. I can't remember what was on KCRA, but I wasn't paying much attention. I think only ten minutes passed by before I had him sucking on my nipples. His mouth was really hot and I made sure to lose my clothes first so he would continue working his tongue all over my body. He didn't even have his shirt off before I came. It was a good thing the couch was leather, I was very wet and I made quite a mess.

The night was just starting though. After my orgasm he climbed up my body and pulled out his cock in front of my face. When it touched my lips he moaned and I took some pride in taking all of it to the back of my throat in one quick motion. I usually don't give head on one-night stands, but Danny had done such a good job licking my pussy it would just seem wrong not to do it for him. His penis was thick and beautiful and I gave him the best blowjob as I could.

I didn't expect him to come, but once he started pumping jizz in my mouth I actually ended up swallowing it all. It was bitter, but I loved his reaction. I had big plans for this stud and I knew it would be appreciated.

We fucked on his couch for what must have been an hour and then when we were both exhausted we went to his bedroom. I slept over and in the morning we made love very slow and sensual. It was awesome. He asked if he could see me again but I had to tell him I'd think about it. He's the sort of guy I worry about falling in love with. I've worked very hard to get where I am right now and I don't need any emotional baggage.

I usually never go back a second time with guys like Danny, but I find that I'm thinking about him a lot more than I thought I would. I thought writing this letter might help but it only seems to be making things worse. I might give Danny a call right now, but then, I might just go online and see if I can satisfy my cravings somewhere else.

Sexual Awakening at Sac City College

I've always had a fantasy about having sex with two guys at the same time, but it's not something I've felt I could share with anyone, especially my current boyfriend. His name is Steve and he's insanely jealous. I know he'd take it as a personal insult to his manhood if I ever told him I'd even thought about it.

People don't talk about their most perverted desires; I used to wonder if there was something wrong with me. I've always been shy and even a little naive. I had a sheltered, religious upbringing. My complete outlook on life changed though when I went to university and had the freedom of living on my own coupled with thought provoking courses. I'm a first year Arts student at Sacramento City College, and intro psychology and sociology are mandatory.

My professors are really cool and they don't shy away from topics about sex and sexuality. It was a lot to take in. I had no idea how mild my fantasies actually were until I saw statistics from Kinsey polls. It was quite shocking to find out how many women cheat on their husbands, and so many sex practices I thought were uncommon are actually very widespread - experimentation with lesbian, anal and group sex is normal! Fuck, I used to think giving a guy a blowjob was dirty.

We covered Sigmund Freud's views on sex, which was just insane. What a quack. I can't believe so many T.V. shows try to convince the general public that the majority of psychologists believe his theories. The truth is the opposite; almost no one is a Freudian these days, but in the Victorian era people were really fucked up about sex so his perverse ideas actually made sense. As crazy as it sounds though, a lot of it hit home for me. My family was so strictly religious I might as well have been born in the nineteenth century.

In Freudian terms, I wouldn't go so far as to say I have penis envy, but I have always been jealous of the double standard, so much that I've been sexually repressed. I think it's why I've been fascinated by the idea of a threesome with two guys. To me it's the ultimate sin, admitting my extreme sexual desires as a woman. All guys are very open about wanting to have sex with two women at the same time, why is it taboo for any woman to show an equivalent desire?

I didn't expect to have such a different outlook on life after only one semester away from home, but it's like a whole new world has been opened up to me. I still love my boyfriend, but I took my sexual awakening to the next level last week, and it's why I'm writing this letter. I joined an online dating service and made my ultimate fantasy come true with two guys I didn't know.

If someone had told me I would ever do something so incredibly whorish before I went to university I would have slapped them in the face. Now that I've done it I have a hard time convincing myself that I'm sane, but I don't regret it. I haven't told a soul and it was the most exciting thing I've ever done. I feel more alive now than I ever have.

Getting two guys to fuck me was a lot easier than I thought. It took me longer to fix my hair than it did to set a time and a place to meet up with two well-built construction workers from Teichert. I've always had a thing for men who do physical labor. It's the muscles and the way they glisten with sweat.

I made a few mistakes though. Meeting in person went so well I ended up grabbing the guys' cocks under the table while we were sitting in a restaurant. I was on such a sexual high it was like I was a different person. It was dangerous because someone might have seen what I was up to, but that was part of the experience. My biggest mistake was inviting the guys over to my apartment on Freeport because we didn't have enough money to get a motel room. It all turned out for the best, but I my heart was pounding when I snuck them in. I don't have a roommate (thank God). If I'd have been caught, everyone would have talked about me for years.

Inside my room I didn't take the role of a submissive woman waiting for them to take charge, I practically ripped their clothes off. It was wild. I had two hard cocks at full attention and I alternated my mouth around each of them as fast as I could, just as I'd seen in a few porno movies. The guys were stunned, but very willing to go along with whatever I asked them to do.

The only thing I didn't do with them was anal sex. They offered to double penetrate me and it was tempting because I felt like wanted to do as much taboo stuff as I could that night, but I've never fantasized about getting anything shoved up my ass, especially something as big as a penis. I tried anal sex a couple times with Steve, but it just didn't work. I'm not into pain.

What I did do with my two studs was fuck and suck them until they couldn't get hard anymore. It might have been a better experience if we didn't have to keep quiet to avoid getting caught, but I had so many orgasms I lost count and I swallowed so much come I think I got my calcium requirement for a week. When it was over I made sure the coast was clear so they could leave unnoticed and when they were gone my mind was reeling with the realization of what I had just done.

It's interesting playing around with your own mind and what pushes emotional reactions you can't control. I went through a lot of guilt because I'd cheated on Steve, but it was tempered with an adrenaline rush from a new sense of power. I get wet every time I think about that night, and when I'm with Steve I get goose bumps wondering if he can magically tell that I've been unfaithful. Of course he has no idea, I'm just a little paranoid.

What I have to decide now is what I'm going to do in the future. I don't think I'll break up with Steve. I might even marry him. I don't know if I'm going to cheat on him again, but time will tell. I'm actually very satisfied just knowing I have options.

First Threesome

Rebecca and I have been best friends forever and we tell each other everything. We've each had our share of boyfriends and some wild nights, but neither one of us had ever tried having sex with two guys at the same time.

We'd talked about it a few times, but mostly while watching porno movies. It wasn't anything we took seriously, but while we were surfing a dating site we came across a hot guy who offered to include a friend if anyone was interested.

We had a good laugh about it at first; Rebecca made a joke saying the guy might have better luck if he but the title of his profile to: "fag hag wanted, inquire within." It was funny, but we got into a little argument because I said he didn't have to be gay just because he wanted to threesome. Before we checked anything else about him I ended up betting her both guys were straight. It wasn't much of a bet, but we looked all through the info he gave just to see. It was fun. Unfortunately he didn't have anything else in his profile about his sexual preference.

We ended up emailing him and gave him my icq number (we were surfing the Net from my house). I forgot all about it for a few days, but when he messaged me I was alone we chatted for quite awhile. He was straight and he seemed like a great guy. Kinky for sure, but he was intelligent and very persuasive. I don't know why exactly, but I agreed to go out on a date with him and his friend the next weekend.

Before the big day I avoided telling Rebecca what I was about to do. I knew she'd bug me about it, but I also knew she'd want details and if the sex was great she'd be less critical.

I met the guys in a bar on Fair Oaks Blvd as planned and they were already there when I showed up. I'd only seen Brandon's picture and I knew he was hot, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out his friend Darren was just as good looking. They were really cool and they said they'd like to hang out together and see how everything goes. There was no pressure and we had a great time dancing and drinking. At the end of the night Brandon seemed nervous asking me if I'd like to join them at his house for a few drinks. We'd done a lot of grinding on the dance floor, but I hadn't made up my mind if I was going to go through with fucking them both.

For a moment I thought about leaving, but after talking with them for a few minutes I changed my mind. If I'd been completely sober I don't know if I would have had the courage, but I'd had a couple drinks and I was willing to set my inhibitions aside.

We caught a cab together and I teased the guys by sitting between them and placing my hands on their laps. The cabbie could barely stay on the road, he was watching what I was doing through the rear view mirror most of the time.

Darren's house was beautiful, not the type of place I'd expected a twenty two year old guy would own. We barely got through the door before I was all over them and we started things off with a group hug.

They helped me out of my shirt and then took turns licking my nipples. There were hands and mouths everywhere, it was incredible. They stripped while feeling me up and getting me so excited I almost came before I took my panties off. I'm not sure exactly when it turned into an all out threesome, but when both guys pulled their cocks out at the same time and I got on my knees taking turns giving them head, there was no turning back.

Darren didn't like having to wait while I sucked Brandon's cock and he knelt behind me so he could lick my pussy while I continued to give Brandon head. I almost had an orgasm all over Darren's face, but I was interrupted by the gross taste of Brandon's come in my mouth. After I swallowed it all he thanked me and then he said he didn't want to miss out on tasting my pussy. To help him out Darren picked me up from behind and I placed my legs over Brandon's shoulders to give him better access to my clit. I had my first orgasm suspended in mid air while he licked me. It was very cool.

Darren fucked me first, right there in front of the doorway. We didn't make it to the bedroom. He was huge and it felt hot and very hard. He fucked me from behind while I sucked Brandon's already spent cock back to life. I think I was more attracted to Brandon than Darren. I really wanted his cock inside me, but for the time being getting it from Darren was very pleasurable.

I know I'm good at giving head, but just as I was about to come a second time Brandon filled my mouth with another load. It was a complete surprise. I never did get the chance to fuck him. He went totally limp. It was a good thing Darren was still up for the job. He repositioned himself by lying on the floor and I rode him until I had my second orgasm. It took a little bit of a build up though, but we came at about the same time.

After that I got dressed and phoned for a cab. I was still ready to keep going, but the guys were exhausted. Brandon suggested we should do it again sometime but I don't think I will. Having two men at once wasn't nearly as good as I thought. When I saw Rebecca the next day I had the pleasure of telling her the guys were straight, and that I was more woman than both of them could handle.

She didn't bug me about it as much as I expected, and she seemed a little embarrassed when I brought it up. I didn't understand why until a week later when she confessed she had contacted Brandon right after we'd found them on the dating site and fucked them both silly the day before I did. I have never laughed so hard in all my life. I'm amazed they managed to get it up at all for me.



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