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Welcome to Sacramento Zone, a site dedicated to adult and erotic activities in the greater Sacramento area. All pictures on this site are of people over the age of 18. Please report any unlawful images to the Editors.

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Sacramento News and Review Sex and Love in SacramentoSacramento Best Breasts - Sacramento News and ReviewWe are Sacramento's oldest and largest adult website. We'd like to thank the Sacramento News and Review for honoring us in their 2005 Best of Sacramento issue. They said we are the "Best spot to get the lowdown on sex in Sacramento." This is our second honor, we were also in their 2004 Best of Sacramento issue for our "Toys for Tarts" program.

We were sorry to see Craigslist discontinue their Sacramento Adult Gigs and Sacramento Erotic Services ads, but check out the free ads on Many of the same people who advertised on Craigslist Adult Gigs advertise there.

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"I even take the position that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged." Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia after being challeged about his views on sexual morality during a question & answer session at Harvard University.

Take a look at the Best BJ Contest photos, you're welcome to try it out if you're a female who's over 21. Everyone is a winner just for participating.

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We embrace all viewpoints and most fetishes, but honestly if you are a gay guy, there's not much here that will interest you, nor are we interested in adding it.

Good News ! A recent study says that oral sex may actually be safer than regular sex. More info here...

Sacramento Massage providers can be found here.

If you're a female thinking about a career in erotic entertainment, we can offer some tips and encourage you to use caution. It's a very tough business but the wages of sin are excellent!

If you're looking for 100.5's Day in the Zone, Click Here - we are not affiliated with the radio station. Actually - we prefer Kat Maudru at the Eagle to look at.
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Sponsored Fantasies / Erotic Personals:

Couldn't Have Planned It Better

I met Tina online and found out through our chats that she works as a massage therapist not far from where I live. It took a lot of convincing, but she agreed to meet me at a coffee shop just down the street from where she works. Things went well for a first date, so well that I asked her if she wanted to come with me to a friend's party for a couple of drinks. It wasn't going to be a big party, just a few people getting together to play some cards. Tina agreed and I phoned my friend Tammy to let her know I'd be coming over with a friend. Going to the party was actually my back up plan if the date went sour, but Tina expressed an interest in meeting new friends and it just seemed natural to invite her. Everything was cool.

As it turned out, everyone cancelled on Tammy before we showed up, but her roommate Karen was there and the four of us decided to go ahead and have some fun together anyway. We'd just started in on our first round of drinks when Karen got an emergency call to leave for the hospital. She's a doctor, and when she's on call she has to leave at a moment's notice. I'm actually better friends with Karen than Tammy, and when the three of us were left alone Tammy tried to be polite and back away from being a third wheel, realizing Tina and I were on a date. It was a little weird, but I felt it would be more interesting night if we stuck around. Normally I wouldn't be so strange on a first date, but Karen is a lesbian and Tina had told me in one of our many online discussions that she was bisexual. I'm a red blooded male and there is no way I would pass up such a unique opportunity! It wasn't planned, but my head was swimming with thoughts of a threesome.

After consuming a few drinks Tina started talking about her work and it led to her saying it was easier to show what she did for people than explain it in words. I wasn't about to argue. Despite the obvious acceleration of my new master plan, I wasn't about to refuse a free massage, but before I had a chance to respond Karen pulled off her top and asked "Please Tina, could you give me a little massage first? My neck has been killing me all week."

It was a surprising development. Karen was wearing a sports bra and I couldn't see anything, but the situation had promise. Tina pulled some cream and some lotion out of her oversized purse and beckoned me to sit on the sofa to help keep Karen's neck supported with my hands, simulating a proper massage table.

Tina was a total pro, but it was obvious she enjoyed giving Karen a massage and I knew she had more on her mind than fixing Karen's neck when she got her to remove her sport's bra so she could "properly work the tension from her back." I was supposed to be closing my eyes while Karen took it off and got back into position on her stomach with her forehead in my hands, but I got a good peek at her beautiful breasts. I think Karen knew at that moment Tina's intentions were more than professional, but she was just as taken with Tina as I was.

My cock quickly expanded in my jeans listening to Karen moan with pleasure as Tina worked the tension from her back. I don't think massage therapists normally straddle their customers, but Tina was sitting on top of Karen and her hands sometimes came very close to cupping her tits. The two of them were obviously enjoying themselves very much and then suddenly Karen turned over, not caring that I could see her breasts, and pulled Tina close enough to kiss her on the lips.
I sat on the edge of the couch and watched them go at it. Hungrily Tina licked Karen's nipples and Karen fought with groping hands to get her shirt off. Only after they were both topless did they acknowledge I was there. Karen looked at Tina, then at me and said, "I don't usually go for men but he's kind of cute. Should we get really wild?"

The girls then descended on me, helping me out of my clothes while I joined them in a very erotic group hug. It seemed like I was going to get my cock sucked by Karen first as she began to unzip my jeans, but when my Johnson sprang free Tina grabbed it in her hand and popped it in her mouth like a lollipop. Karen started licking the base of my shaft and then they moved their tongues around, kissing in between giving me head for short periods of time. It was the most amazing experience in the world to have two sluts gobbling at my cock. Karen became very absorbed with giving me head, so much that Tina broke away and helped her out of her slacks while she continued to suck me off. Once Karen was completely naked, Tina went to work giving her ass a full massage and then buried her face between her beautiful butt cheeks.

By the increasingly loud moans and noisy sucking, it was obvious Karen appreciated Tina's talents. Karen started pumping her ass up and down in the air as Tina lapped away at her hole, and then I felt a low moan reverberate through my cock that let me know she had reached a climax. Before I blew my load in Karen's mouth I tried to think about baseball and things I had to do at work, just to be able to keep going as long as possible, but I wasn't able to control myself. I came right down her throat and she swallowed every drop like a total whore. It was an amazing feat. It was so impressive I remember thinking, "so much for being a lesbian."

I was spent for about five minutes and sat back to watch Karen return the favor to Tina. Tina was lying on her back on the couch, her legs high in the air. She had a perfectly shaved pussy and Karen was on her knees licking it like crazy. It was a beautiful sight. Both their faces were flushed in full sexual abandon and Karen's perfect ass looked like it was just waiting to be fucked. When I was hard again I moved behind Karen and I penetrated her cunt with a slow deliberate motion. It was incredibly hot and I have never fucked a pussy that was so tight.

I fucked Karen from behind until Tina had an orgasm, and then the girls got into a 69 on the floor. I moved around so I could fuck Tina this time. She was on top, her ass just high enough to get some deep strokes going. Tina's pussy wasn't as tight, but it was very smooth and hot. I usually last a lot longer after I've come once, but the sensation of Karen's tongue licking my shaft by accident as I fucked Tina's pussy felt fantastic. When I came I pulled out and gave Karen some more of my seed to swallow. I was totally spent after that and sat back to watch the two babes go at it for another fifteen minutes or so. When we were all done we got dressed and returned to having a few drinks and playing some cards. Karen made us promise not to tell Tammy what had just occurred, and confessed it had been years since she'd been with a man. Years! I don't think I've ever felt more proud.

Tina and I see each other once in awhile, nothing serious, just sex. We're both too busy to be in a long-term relationship. We have gotten together with Karen a few times since that night, and every time gets better. The last time both girls let me fuck them in the ass. I don't think we can keep it up though; Karen is starting to feel very guilty for cheating on Tammy. It's just a matter of time until she decides to remain faithful to her lover, but until then Tina and I are going to do our best to keep her bisexual desires fulfilled.



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